Content Management System

A website is an integral publicity tool for many companies. However, a website is only useful if it is regularly updated and remains relevant.

Rapsody is a simple, user friendly content management system for non-technical personnel to create, edit, update, and manage website content, images, audio and video files and digital records.

With proper authorization and access controls, almost every department in a company can update the corporate website and non-technical staff need no longer be dependent on the IT department to effect the website changes. Managing content will be as easy as ABC, simpler than singing a rhapsody!

Navigation & Article

Create as many navigation links as you need, assign them with sub navigations and link them to articles, blogs, events or anything you want. You can also create online forms quickly, and do your data mining.


Create events, sessions, and allow public or members to sign up for them. You can view them all in an event calendar, and print your attendees when need to.

Blog Management

Create blogs, manage them and have them published quickly, to get your readers' attention. Upload images, or embed videos within them.

Online Polls, Banner Trackers, Forums, and Threaded Comments

Allow members to comment on your articles or blogs to drive interest and traffic to your site. Polls and Banners can easily be created and uploaded. Have discussion forums to allow members to interact with each other.

Approval Workflow

Insist in getting your articles, events or blogs approved before publishing. Have alerts to inform editors and writers when their stuff is published.

Photo Gallery

Create and Upload Albums and upload photos to your site.

SEO friendly web URLs

All URLs driven by the system are SEO friendly sites.

Member Access Pages

Allow members to register and login to members pages.

Audit Trail

Track every updates done by administrators from our audit trail report. View the before and after updates done, filter them according to period or functions and export them to excel.

Are you still engaging designers to maintain your website?