Asset Management System

As a company expands, so will its entire list of assets. RapAsset helps companies improve the tracking of their assets for allocation, distribution, storage, lifespan and financial depreciation. A web-based system, it allows multiple users to access the system simultaneously anytime, anywhere. The system is also integrated with RFID and barcode technology, allowing the ease of capturing asset information and tracking the entire asset inventory of a company.

RapAsset had been deployed in various sectors for smart end to end asset lifecycle management with RFID and Barcode solution.

Some of our comprehensive modules enable end to end tracking of company IT asset in real time both online or offline using Desktop, notebook or mobile devices

Asset Management

Allows you to create, edit, remove assets. Assign to the correct categories, and set depreciation calculation for each category. Upload Asset images quickly and able to view movement of each asset easily.


Set up your stocktaking schedule for different companies, department, branches. Assign specific location or specific categories of assets to stocktake. Allow re-conciling of asset location quickly during stocktaking.

Contract & Vendor

Setup maintenance contracts, set value of contract and tag it to the specific vendor and assets for each contract. Receive alerts when contracts are expiring soon for your action to renew or look for another vendor.

Condemnation & Disposal

Condemn and dispose your asset with proper alert and approval workflow.

Hardware Tagging

Allow printing of assets with various pre-defined sizes of labels, as well as allow printing of different forms such as QR Codes, Barcodes and RFID needs.

Depreciation Report

Generate Depreciation report for each asset / category. Allow report to directly email to finance, and report is exportable to multiple formats.

Users & Administrators

Able to create users and administrators, based on your subscription numbers.

File Tracking

Track your physical files, individually, or by folders. Find out who is holding on to which files, and get alerts when loan files are expiring.


Allow administrators to setup the company structure, from creating multiple sub companies, departments, branches and sub branches. Allow assigning of multiple administrators to specific divisions.

Are your asset tracking still done on Spreadsheets?